Shipping to Liberia

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The year 2014 was a difficult one for the people of Liberia: the Ebola outbreak threatened not only the health of a nation, but its economy as well.  In the midst of the epidemic, Bishop James Cuffee and his community of believers in Kpanjah, Liberia worked diligently  to complete the construction of a medical center that would serve as the only facility for the nearly 5,000 people within a 2-hour walk of this village, none of whom previously had access to medical care.SuppliesLiberia

In 2015, Kingdom Road Project set out with the goal of furnishing this newly-constructed medical center with the supplies needed to make it fully operational.  With a prayer in our hearts, we began reaching out to our community seeking donations, hoping that we’d be able to piece together enough to fill a 20-foot storage container.  God had bigger plans.

  • In April, a 20 ft. water tower was constructed on the property, which is supplying fresh water to the facility.
  • In May, we received over $20,000 in donated medical supplies from Beacon Health System.    
  • In July, our supporters and local church family contributed enough funds to purchase 1,040 Bibles, which will be distributed to Liberian households.
  • In August, a local convent donated 9 hospital beds and mattresses, along with several other pieces of furniture.
  • In September, we loaded 13 pallets of corn, flour, and sugar, donated by Feed the Hungry.

As the blessings flooded in, it became apparent that we would need more shipping capacity.  On September 23, we loaded a 40-foot container and sent it on its way across the Atlantic.

After a long journey, our container has finally arrived in port in Monrovia, Liberia.  However, its journey is not yet over.  In the next 1-2 weeks, an inspection will be completed in port, and will be followed up with a final invoice, which will include all customs/duty fees and taxes, an amount which we estimate to be roughly $6,000.

As we enter the final phase in this long process, we are once again in need of your help.  With the support of your donations, we hope to have the container quickly out of port and in the hands of our brothers and sisters in Liberia.

Note on preferences for donations: As a non-profit, we respect your stated preferences for the use of donations, but must retain the ultimate authority for the use of contributions consistent with our non-profit purposes.

Kingdom Road Project, Inc. is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all gifts may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.



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[h6]Donate for Shipping to Liberia[/h6]
Your donation will be used for the cost of shipping food, Bibles, and medical supplies to Liberia.

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