Completed Projects

For decades, Bishop James Cuffee – a missionary passionate about spreading Christ in a region gripped with war and poverty – dreamt of building a medical center in the remote area of Kpanjah, Liberia. Early in 2015, this vision was brought to life with the completion of the Kpanjah Medical Center. On October 4, 2015, a shipping container sailed across the ocean from New York to Africa, holding Bibles, medical supplies, and food for these people. 

Since then, Bishop Cuffee and Kingdom Road Project have been busy. Here are just a few of the ways that God has blessed in Liberia:

  • Completion of a water tower at the medical center site
  • Construction of a storage warehouse for medical supplies
  • A motorcycle for the transportation of medical staff and patients
  • A major vehicle overhaul (making it possible to transport people and supplies through the region’s rough terrain)
  • Construction of on-site housing for doctors and nurses on staff at the center
  • New beds and mattresses for the medical housing

All of these things would not have been possible without the donations and prayers of our partners.

The work, however, is just beginning. Sickness and disease attack these people daily; in this rural area, the Kpanjah Medical Center is the only hope for those in need of medical attention. In the past few months alone, they have treated over 300 patients. As news of this lifesaving resource is spreading throughout the villages, that number is expected to grow.

Please consider joining us in support of this wonderful ministry, as we bring healing for both the bodies and souls of those in Liberia.