Christ Evangelical Fellowship

Bishop James Cuffee, founder of Christ Evangelical Fellowship Ministries, has been in the ministry for nearly 30 years.  He was called into an evangelistic ministry through a vision in 1984, and has since given his all for the Kingdom of God.  Bishop Cuffee has established and is currently leading over 18 churches, 3 schools, an orphanage, and a medical center in Liberia, Africa.  He and his wife, Theresa, have eight children, all of which are active in the church.  This family has a passion for spreading the love of Christ, and have continued to do so in the midst of poverty and civil war.

We have a strong relationship with Bishop Cuffee, and believe in the effectiveness of this ministry as it continues to change the lives of thousands in Liberia.  Listed below are focus points of this ministry:

  • Spread the Gospel to all that are lost and provide them with Bibles
  • Conduct leadership conferences, workshops, and seminars to raise up spiritual leaders
  • Care for the elderly and sick
  • Nurture the children by establishing schools and orphanages
  • Meet physical needs by digging wells, providing food, and donating clothing