Sponsor a Student


The Dominican Republic has the lowest investment in education in Latin America and the Caribbean, with only 1.9% of its GDP being invested in public education. Without sufficient funds for school supplies and infrastructure, extracurricular activities, teacher/parent training and transportation to and from schools, Dominican children lack the resources needed for a proper education. To make matters worse, school attendance is not forced in the Dominican; as a result, many children without a solid family life never attend school at all.

FIEL is a nonprofit organization that recognizes many children are being overlooked in the education system. FIEL’s mission is to help underprivileged children receive education as well as medical and dental services. For more about FIEL, click here. Four years ago, FIEL purchased and opened a school in an underprivileged area of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This FIEL School provides a safe environment and a solid secular education with an emphasis on biblical teaching for Kindergarten through 5th grades. Currently, over 120 children are enrolled in the school. Many are orphans living with a relative or family friend, and without a sponsorship would likely not be in school at all.

DR_SponsorFor $360.00 (less than a dollar a day!) you can sponsor a child for the entire school year. This covers school tuition, books and outings. Currently FIEL is trying to add meals to their program. With your support a child that would otherwise be forgotten can get a healthy start to learning. Because of the critical foundation they receive at FIEL, most graduates go on to middle school and will graduate high school.

At the Kingdom Road Project, we strive to find projects that deliver what they claim.  We personally know the founders and directors of FIEL.  We have been to the FIEL School in Santo Domingo and we have seen the need firsthand. The school has a dedicated staff and is providing a much-needed service to the families in the surrounding neighborhood.  We believe the work FIEL is doing in the Dominican Republic is making a difference.  If you would like to help make a difference in a child’s life, please sponsor a child today.  Why not?